What is owner credit?

Whether you are self-employed looking for a personal loan, or a liberal professional in temporary lack of cash due to the default or delay of one of your important customers or even stuck after default of payment With several installments of your installment loan, homeowner credit may prove to be the ideal solution to get out of a temporary situation of financial asphyxiation. Homeowner credit can also be a privileged tool if you want to make an installment loan at attractive rates that is likely to improve a property you own. A few words of explanation.

What is owner credit?

owner credit?

There are essentially two forms of owner credit that serve two different purposes:

  • Homeowner credit to improve the comfort of a property you currently own. In this case, you decide for example to buy a beautiful equipped kitchen or to do work at home to change the frames in order to better insulate your property. In both cases, you increase the value of your home. From then on, you will be able to take out an owner loan and benefit from an attractive APR. It is in a way a classic installment loan but with an attractive APR because you are the owner of the house who will welcome the improvements for which you take out a loan;
  • Homeowner credit to help you get out of a temporarily burdened financial situation. In this case, it is rather a conventional mortgage loan by which you finance the obtaining of your cash by putting your home as collateral.

Who is homeowner credit intended for?

Who is homeowner credit intended for?

  • In the first case, that is to say the homeowner credit which is similar to an installment loan: anyone owning a property who wants to improve comfort can take out a homeowner loan and benefit from attractive rates.
  • The self-employed, the holder of a liberal profession or the person on file can, under certain conditions, obtain an owner credit in order to receive cash intended to get them out of a situation of temporary debt.

What are the conditions to benefit from an owner credit:

owner credit:

  1. Be domiciled in Belgium or Luxembourg;
  2. Being the owner of a house located in Belgium or Luxembourg;
  3. When the homeowner’s loan is similar to the mortgage loan, it is advisable to borrow a minimum of $ 25,000 to cover the costs of setting up the mortgage (notarized cate);
  4. The property must be free of charge or at the very least, the repayment of the monthly payments must be regular.

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