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Do you have to increase costs to pay for a change of the credit provider? Building loans are replaced by a cheaper real estate loan business. A conversion to a longer-term is not possible. The builder must repay the loan in full or complete follow-up financing and can change the bank at the same time.

How much money do you have to spend on a bank change when the mortgage lapses? Handling costs (costs, mortgages)

Now I have a very low-priced takeover offer from another house bank and I want to know what it costs me to change before I go into price negotiations with my house bank.

Ordered by: … in the case of a bank account, the fees for the transfer of securities from one house bank to another accrue … the land register entries recorded in the cadastre are transferred as a rule from the old bank to the new house bank … the fees amount to about 150-200 USD (notary fees for the notarization) … the notary fees for the signatures on the transfer…

Otherwise, there will be no further expenses …. at least not if the credit is shifted on the expiration date …..

The offer of loans requires a change of the current account

The offer of loans requires a change of the current account

They got a cheap takeover bid from a house bank that I’m not yet a member of. In the end, it was said that the house bank would require me to put my current bank account (with payroll) on it. Accordingly, the loan agreement contains the account opening documents and a form in which I can instruct the house bank to instruct my client to pay the fee to this new bank account.

But you can open a user account there, pay a few monthly salaries, change all charges for that time, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. and then go back to the previous house bank. What does the former house bank look like? If it is not) in the loan agreement, you can not twist the rope of the new house bank, because then there is nothing “dishonorable” :-).

It is understandable that a loan approval depends on the opening of a checking account at the house bank, I believe it will refuse it if you do not.

Consumer finance

The result of the investigation is what it would cost to buy an apartment every month – and where prices are within reasonable limits. With a repayment period of almost 20 years in 186 metropolitan areas and districts, ie nearly half of all districts, a 70 square meter apartment can be bought at a monthly rate of less than 500 USD.

If the monthly amount is increased up to 750 USD, the apartment is amortized in 324 of the 401 areas after almost 20 years. The HWWWI works in the model calculation with an interest of 2.45 years. The interest rate is the interest rate of the current offers in the real estate market and fluctuates the initial repayments and thus the repayment period.

The monthly payment was calculated for each 70 square meter apartment at customary prices, for which 20 percent of the equity capital was paid when purchasing the apartment. Only in 25 major cities and counties, ie in six percentage points of all districts surveyed, the repayment periods of almost 20 years will exceed USD 1000 per month. Even in major cities such as Nuremberg, Bonn, Hanover or Dresden, the quota is at the same repayment period below the 1,000-USD threshold.

The value of the real estate in these areas is not necessarily clear


The one who agrees to repay the apartment for more than 20 years, ie in total, almost 33 years, and thus agrees on an initial repayment of only two percentage points, the mont: can significantly reduce the monthly installments:

Over $ 750 per day would then be incurred only in 20 counties and county-free countries of Germany, of which five municipalities with monthly fees of more than $ 1000 – at constant interest rates over this longer period of time. Free of debt at record speed and at less than $ 1000 per day – this is possible in 327 cycles as soon as an initial repayment installment of six percentage points is agreed for a period of 14 years and one calendar month.

The turbo return is available in 227 circuits even for less than 750 USD per month. Even for the 50+ generations, a shorter repayment period offers good buying opportunities for real estate. Finally, the purchase of the property currently in use, the replacement of a custody account or the payment of a life insurance policy can generate more own funds than the usual practice 20 percentage points, the repayment burden and the financing time will be significantly reduced.

“But even a specific interest rate risk, the customer must consider in his considerations. With rising interest rates, a follow-up financing after the end of the fixed interest rate can lead to higher monthly costs or require a maturity,” says Göbel. With a long fixed interest period, the acquirer secured the currently advantageous interest rates and gained certainty through solid installment payments.

However, in the so-called “Big Seven” cities, the price ensures that those who want to buy 20 percentage points of equity can hardly afford to pay comparably higher interest rates. Only in Cologne are the buyers with their monthly payments and a repayment period of almost 20 years under the mark of 1000 USD. In the other five of the seven major German cities, with the exception of Munich, a monthly quota of less than USD 1000 can only be achieved through an extended repayment period.

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